Training and Development

City Service’s project personnel are required to undergo a comprehensive pre-employment screening and selection process to ensure that they are physically, mentally and emotionally fit. They have to meet the qualifications and pass the physical, I.Q. and personality tests and interviews prior to acceptance and joining the training program.

Qualified applicants are then subject to a full orientation and training program, which includes technical skills training, work attitudes and values development, and company and client rules and regulations.  However, emphasis on productivity and discipline in the workplace are never compromised.

City Service Corporation also conducts training and development programs on its staff on a regular basis. Industries are constantly changing and City Service makes sure that the employee’s skills and knowledge are up to date.  All staff have the chance to become continually better at what they do, improving both their own and organization’s effectiveness which makes them advanced and competitive in the marketplace.  With this, City Service staff have a higher sense of job satisfaction which reduces employee turnover, increases productivity and improves profitability.