About Us


The post war years ushered the rebuilding of the country’s central city- Manila.  The company’s founder, Valentin G. Prieto, envisioned the need for outsourced janitorial services, a revolutionary concept at that time and gave birth to City Service Enterprises on February 10, 1950.  He thus pioneered and professionalized the now vibrant and growing cleaning and facilities maintenance industry.

Initially, City Service rendered window cleaning services to business offices located in the commercial district along Escolta and Binondo.  The repair maintenance of office equipment, notably manual typewriters, was later added into its service lines.

In 1964, City Service was incorporated to broaden its capital base and expand its service facilities.  The mid-1960s marked the period of City Service’s dominance in the cleaning service contracting business.  It virtually controlled the market, which has by then saw the entry and downfall of smaller contracting firms.  Armed with expertise and sound management, CSC withstood competition.  The surge in property development in the Ayala business district and its emergence as the new business and financial center shifted CSC’s center of business from Escolta to Makati.

New business opportunities gave way to the expansion of the Company’s service lines that now included janitorial maintenance, gardening and ground maintenance, elevator operator services, high rise building window and wall cleaning, building renovation and repairs and office repairs and maintenance.

The late 1960s until the 1970s were characterized by a period of growth.  Expansion programs were undertaken in response to new requirements from client companies, and as more opportunities arouse, allied services to complement CSC’s line of business were established.

Changes in the organization ensued as the President created a workable organizational structure and instituted management systems to achieve efficiency and order in the fast growing organization.