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Mr. Jerich Cacha Balansag, project personnel from City Service Corporation assigned in Shangri-La The Fort, Manila returned the wallet of Mr. Edmund Fritz Weber, Chairman of Restel-MPC during the latter’s visit at the hotel on 31 May 2022. The said wallet contained Php9,000.00, US$100 and a Check “pay to cash” for Php5,000.00. Mr. Weber presented a Letter of Commendation to laud Mr. Balansag and gave a cash reward as a token of his appreciation and gratitude.

In addition, Mr. Balansag also paid a courtesy call to our Chairman and CEO, Mr. Valentin Prieto, Jr. on 08 June 2022 who personally commended him for his honesty.

Mr. Balansag exemplifies the values of a well-trained/disciplined personnel with integrity which City Service Corporation can be proud of.