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City Service celebrates 70 years

City Service Corporation is thankful for everything it has been able to accomplish.  This year is significant for City Service as 2020 marks its 70th anniversary.  It’s a milestone that makes the company proud and grateful for being the pioneer cleaning service provider in the industry and being part of something that has been changing lives for 70 years.

The post war years ushered the rebuilding of the country’s central city- Manila.  The company’s founder, Valentin G. Prieto, envisioned the need for outsourced janitorial services, a revolutionary concept at that time and gave birth to City Service Enterprises on February 10, 1950.  He thus pioneered and professionalized the now vibrant and growing cleaning and facilities maintenance industry.

For the past seven decades, in a highly competitive industry, which often sees the rise and fall of many players, City Service continues its steady growth notwithstanding adverse economic conditions, domestic or worldwide. This is a confirmation of its stability and leadership in the industry.

City Service stood the test of time by providing quality service to its clients, investing extensively in modern equipment, tools and cleaning chemicals and deploys well-trained personnel to its clients. City Service Corporation is the largest and most respected cleaning service provider in the country.  City Service is also the first ISO-9001:2000 certified Cleaning and Janitorial Maintenance Company in the Philippines.

Through the years, City Service has developed itself into a dynamic and diverse company delivering high quality cleaning and maintenance services, grounds and landscape services, specialty carpet and upholstery cleaning, office and manufacturing plant cleaning, high-rise exterior wall and window cleaning services, and facilities maintenance and engineering.

City Service continually improves the quality of its services and keeps abreast with the latest developments in sanitation and property maintenance technology.

What began as a small company with just a few members has grown into the City Service Corporation that we know today with a reach that expands across the country.  This corporate milestone is a testament of the constant pursuit of excellent service of City Service.

While our success story involves our company vision and core values, the other important factor is the support of our members. We truly believe that company members make the company, and we are fortunate to have the best employees at City Service. We are grateful for your loyalty and your continuous hard work.

We are also grateful to our clients who have trusted City Service to meet their requirements, who have allowed us to help them conquer their challenges, and have pushed us to keep improving our services so we can be the leader in the industry.